[re] Production

I am a traveler and an artist. I have questions regarding a variety of feelings that I have had while I travel to many different places. Regardless of destination, I exist as I am, but I often find myself reacting differently, both emotionally and intellectually, depending on my location.  This is currently the subject and content of my artwork. 

My most current work, is site specific in that the subject matter addresses the changes to spaces taking place around me, physically. I moved to Houston last year and collecting artifacts from the demolition and reconstituting them into wearable artworks that give them new life and serve to honor their humble service.  The collection of objects (and materials) acts as relics that are charged with my emotions about the physical processes going on around me.  They are combined with steel to emphasize the relationship to building materials.  I am not only interested in the physical nature of the materials but of their metaphorical meaning.

I often start my artwork by questioning not only a functional, but also a symbolic meaning of an architectural space and the significance or a correlation between one’s emotional and mental sympathy with others. As an artist, not an architect, who expresses beauty through artwork, I do not see a building as a lifeless object, but instead believe, that human beings and the spaces that they inhabit, exist in harmony out of necessity.