I am inspired in my work as I feel I emotion through relationships with the feelings of other people. The starting point is my own  emotions and my most personal feelings. Tranquility comes when  I meditate by myself or through the healing process of my work. I use those sources in the representation in my work. I lived in South Korea all my life until I moved to the US for graduate study. At that time the atmosphere and my relationships changed totally, I use that change of feeling in my work and not only my my personal emotions but also the perception of universal human emotions, and the subconscious within my relationships with people, I try to represent all this in my visual work. 


I especially  focus on  duality in the universal human condition. I can sometimes feel negative emotion at first but realize that situation is common for everybody, I try to represent both the external and internal in human spirit. I have been inspire by many different materials. In summer 2013, I saw a punk exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum in NY. The violent material from punk culture helps me to express the duality in human experience. I focus on universal subjects and try to treat them with sincerity. My art will continue to resonate emotionally and, I hope, inspire contemplation within each viewer.